Share your story with friends on the go


  • Option to find local friends using the service
  • Like your friend's best updates
  • Comment on your friend's stories easily
  • Post pictures, videos and songs you're listening to


  • No browser version available yet

Very good

Path is a mobile journal that connects you with your friends and family on the go.

Where Foursquare lets you check in at a variety of locations, Path lets you tell your connections what you're doing, when you're doing them, no matter what activity you're currently engaged in.

With Path you can share thoughts on the go, as well as photos, videos and what music you're listening to. Like Foursquare, you can also share where you are, as well as who you're with. You can search for friends to add to Path on Facebook and via your phone's email contacts too.

One nice feature of Path is called Automatic. It collects data from what you post and will even update your account with stories about your life as you're completing them. For those this feature doesn't appeal to, it's a simple trip to the menu page to turn it off.

To get started, choose a user picture of yourself and then an image for the cover of your Path journal. It's easiest if you have images on your phone to use, although the app also gives you the option to browse online for pictures, if that's your preference.

Once you've added some friends, they'll start appearing in your main feed. You can comment on the content they post, as well as add an emoticon describing how you feel about it.

Unfortunately, Path doesn't have a browser-based version of its journal left like Twitter and Facebook do. If you want to tell your story, you're going to have to do it exclusively from your phone for the time being.

Path is a unique way to capture your life on the go in timeline journal format.

Improved place picker now features an interactive map view! Bug fixes


  • Improved place picker now features an interactive map view! Bug fixes

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